Snow goes virtual! NEW online VDOT snow plow tracker!

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has a new web tool that shows the status of plowing in northern Virginia neighborhoods. Once it snows at least two inches, residents can find out the status of plowing in Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William county neighborhoods at 

VDOT has organized northern Virginia streets into 600 “snow maps” which are assigned to plow drivers. These are the maps users will view and be able to find out whether crews are plowing, have plowed or have not started a particular snow map.  Street-by-street progress is not shown

Users can enter an address in northern Virginia to see a color-coded snow map that indicates the plowing status in that area:

  • Green indicates a neighborhood has been plowed,
  • Yellow means plows are in progress in the neighborhood,
  • Blue indicates plows have not yet started the neighborhood; and,
  • Gray means the area is not maintained by VDOT.  Cities, towns and some developments maintain their own roads.

Quick Tips for Users

  • Be sure to enter your complete address, e.g. 100 Maple Street, Anytown, Virginia.
  • The website tracks VDOT-maintained neighborhoods only.
  • The website is active only when two or more inches of snow have fallen.

Residents can view a video on how to use the new site at

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